This is the bootleg Gangs Jr logo, not to be confused with the official Gangs Jr logo, which is going to be super cool.

Gangs Jr is an all-ages mod for the cyberpunk fantasy skirmish game Gangs of the Undercity (GotU) by Fragging Unicorns Games (FUG). If you’re interested in learning more about the original game, hop over to the FUG website or check out my review.


4/19/2022: Thanks to an amazing review by Steph at the TTRPGkids blog, Gangs Jr is already getting good press. As of right now, Gangs Jr is undergoing final edits and formatting. I’m not going to commit to a release date just yet for a couple of reasons:

  • This is my first game, and I don’t know what I don’t know
  • I don’t want to motivate myself to take shortcuts, especially as this game is connected to a brand I love and respect.

Opti of FUG, my game design mentor and good friend, once told me:

My advice is to cherish any and all feedback as if it came from Mt. Olympus itself. Make changes, even if it is hard, because these folks are the ones giving you the BEST benefit of the doubt and WANT you to succeed. If they think things need to change, they probably do, even if it is a darling.

– Opti

I’m doing exactly that. The playtesters liked the draft I gave them. You’re going to love the draft that incorporates their feedback.


As I mentioned earlier, Gangs Jr received its first review from playtester Steph C. of TTRPGkids. Check out her review here:


I’m very close to the debut of my first game, but I couldn’t have gotten there alone. Here are a handful of people to whom I owe EVERYTHING:

  • Opti and the team at FUG, for making the groundbreaking skirmish game GotU, for giving me free rein to develop around it, and for endless support.
  • Steph at TTRPGkids, for playtesting my game and showcasing it before her huge audience.
  • All the other playtesters, for taking time out of their lives to play an untested game, provide encouragement to its creator, and brainstorm ways it can reach more people.
  • My family, for providing emotional support and being my first listeners, first editors, first playtesters, and all-around first in my heart.

Thank you for taking the time to check out Gangs Jr. I’ll get a great final product out to you just as soon as I can! 

In the meantime, here are some other Koala Bear Swamp activities you can engage in:

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